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You can email directly at Info (at), or you can complete the form provided on our Contact Us page.


2. Let us Know What You Need

If you manage a website, if you have clients that you'd like to offer SEO services to, or if you would like to hire our PBN article or blog post writing services, simply let us know what you need and we'll take care of you.


3. Quote

If you're in need of a single article then we'll let you know the cost. If you need them on an on-going basis, we'll define a set fee for you.


4. The Article Creation Process

We'll get to grips with the topic (or topics) that you need, no matter how many you are after and then create unique articles and blog posts to suit your exact requirements. Just give us a word count and we'll take care of the rest.


5. Proofreading and Editing 

Before sending your articles back to you, each of them will be subjected to an extensive proof read.


6. Delivery

And within 48 hours (or less as is usually the case), we can have your articles back with you via email, or by using your dedicated account page right here on Web Copy Hub. It really is as simple as that.

Here at Web Copy Hub we have helped countless clients to enjoy the freshest content in the form of articles and blog posts for years now. From PBN articles to help with online visibility, right through to SEO articles to make sure that your keywords are on point and relevant - you can count on us.


Not only do we assure your confidentiality at all times, we also offer some of the fairest rates per article that you will come across. And all of this from native English speaking writers that prioritise the needs of you and your business. Why not email us now at Info (at) for a quote?

If you're an experienced SEO expert that manages your clients' websites, if you are keen to improve your own site's online visibility, or if you simply want topic-relevant articles and blog posts that you can trust, then we are here to help. We are trusted by dozens of SEO agencies around the world.

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Who Do We Work With?

Now that would be telling wouldn't it? As part of our confidentiality policies, we will never disclose information about you, your clients, or any websites that you need articles for. We understand how competitive it can be online and that's why we'll do everything that we can to help.


No matter whether you work alone, in an agency, or as a dedicated SEO company - you can rely on our uniquely written, relevant articles to help you to demonstrate just how much of a priority your websites are to search engines.

If you manage your own website and find yourself in need of a professional blog post writing service, then look no further. We can write as few or as many as you need at a schedule that suits you - all with topic relevance and audience engagement in mind.

And What About Our Blog Post Services?

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Our native English speaking writers take genuine pride in our work, but we also understand that our clients would prefer not to pay ridiculous prices for their content needs. Our PBN articles are priced at just $2 USD per 100 words with our blog posts starting from $15 USD for a 450 to 500 word post. If you'd like to request a sample please send us an email, or visit our 'Request a Sample' page.

How Much Do Our Article and Blog Post Writing Services Cost?

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Articles and Blog Posts

Articles and Blog Posts

If you're in need of blog posts, we can provide:


• Any number of posts in a voice to suit your website

• Engaging content to keep your audience interested

• Informative blog posts to share info on your services

• Fast turnaround times

• Tailored posts to appeal to your target market

• Intelligent sales techniques to promote your services

• Reliable content creation to meet your schedule

For SEO and PBN purposes we offer:


• Well-researched articles

• Keyword implementation

• Search-engine friendly content

• Tailored services

• Rapid turnaround times

• Uniquely written articles

• Individual content - we never use spinners

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