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5 Rules When I Write My Essay Based on Students’ Experience

By Web Copy Hub, Oct 25 2019 09:54AM

Does it seem like it takes forever to write an essay? And the worst part is that even when you give your best, the grades you receive do not reflect that. Would you like to know how to improve your essay writing skills? You can find many essay writing tips online, but those guidelines are usually quite superficial. You need insightful information, and who is better to provide it than students themselves? We asked five of them, and these are the rules they stick to during the writing process!

#1: I Ask a Professional Writer to Do My Essay for Me!

“It is the easiest way to go, but it is not only about making things simple for me. Hiring a professional online writing service guarantees an experienced author with plenty of writing experience will do my paper. Personally, I always ask, “Help me write my essay please” when I’m not sure about the final great results. The experts from always follow my requirements and create papers that are unique and plagiarism-free. What do I do next? I study these papers and know what to write in the future similar tasks. And there are a fair bit of papers during a term, and there are so many terms ahead. The service has never failed me, and I hope it isn’t going to do it. I want to get the highest possible grades for my work all the time.”

- Shawn, Tennessee

#2: I Always Do My Essay Online in Google Drive

“I remember the moment when I saw my computer screen going black after I had worked on my paper for days. It turned out that my hard drive broke down, and I had to rewrite everything from scratch. Ever since that moment, I make sure to write my essay on Google Drive. It is a free tool that allows you to work online in real-time mode. Even if you suffer a power outage, or your PC breaks down, your progress will be saved. Additionally, you can start working on your PC and continue the process on your laptop. Google Drive eliminates the need to use USB flash drives to transfer files, and it ensures your work is saved!”

- Marc, San Francisco

#3: I Make Sure to Switch Off My Phone While Writing

“It may be hard to believe and even harder to do, but I believe the vital rule of successful writing for students is to eliminate any distractions. I’ve read in the book The Plateau Effect: Getting from Stuck to Success that some interruptions decrease accuracy by 20%. That is why I always try to turn off my phone or at least activate the silent mode while writing an essay. I will admit that if I break this rule a couple of times, it will set my productivity and accuracy to zero. It turns out that it is far better to focus on writing for several hours, and then have time for all other activities, than sitting down the entire day pretending to write while looking at your phone.”

- Victor, Minnesota

#4: I Believe Preparation Is the Key to Good Writing

“When I first started working on my academic tasks, I was a fan of improvising. It looked like a waste of time to prepare an outline, and collect information through research only to throw away a big chunk of it. One time, I decided to try and make an outline for an essay I was writing. I did everything according to this guide, and the results surprised me! It turned out I spent a lot less time working on the paper than when I was improvising. On top of that, I even got a higher grade!”

- Rajon, Charlotte

#5: I Always Reread My Essay

“For me, it is not only about writing an essay, but ensuring that it will be one of the best in my class. That is why I always make sure to reread everything once I am done with writing. It does take a bit more time, but it results in receiving higher grades. You would be surprised how different the final draft looks compared to the first one. During the rereading, I make all the necessary edits and improve sentence structures and content flow. The result is an essay that knocks the tutors off their feet!”

- Amy, San Antonio

We hope that you will find at least some of these tips useful. You can feel free to try them all, and see which work the best for you. If you don’t have enough time, or you would like to rest, you can always hire a writing service. That guarantees an experienced author works on your essay while you are relaxing, which sounds like a sweet deal!

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