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Is It Possible to Appeal to a Person's Subconscious with Writing?

By Web Copy Hub, Jul 18 2017 01:20PM

Have you ever heard us talk about tone of voice before? Of course you haven't because this is a website and you don't really hear anything. Well, not in the literal sense at least. Here's something for you to try (and we'll be offering a lot more of these copywriting hacks over the course of the next couple of months).

As you're reading this, which of these three options are you currently doing:

1) Reading the text out loud

2) Singing the text in the style of a musical

3) Vocalising the text within your mind

If you're anything like 99.99% of the world's population, you'll be reading this content in your mind. The words sound real, heck, even the tone of voice can be heard if you really concentrate - and this is what our latest blog post is all about. Have you ever found yourself wondering if you could use your website's content to not only appeal to the reader; but to actively engage their subconscious?

Um, Why On Earth Would I Want to do That?

There are plenty of reasons! For instance, did you know that if you can affect the way that a person receives information, you could actually guide their thought process in a way that suits you? It's not hypnosis, nor is it magic - it's just compelling, carefully created content. Man, that was a lot of C-words (the good kind!)

So is it actually possible to appeal to a person's subconscious then?

Of course it is, in fact we are doing it right now. You're reading this in your mind (unless you're stubborn and fancied switching things up a bit when we gave you the three options above).

As you're reading it in your mind, you're also using your own tone whilst doing so. And is there anyone that you trust quite as much as yourself? When your mind feels like it's reading in a style that it's used to, it will be far more likely to appreciate the information that's being provided. A natural tone of voice is key - it really is as simple as that.

Just imagine how powerful that could be when it comes to making sales...

We're talking about the ability to actually nurture your reader's thought process in a way that allows them to come to their own conclusions, while developing an innate trust for whatever it is that they are looking at or reading.

Now, do you want to learn more? Maybe you'd like to see how this subconscious style of writing could influence your own website? We're just an email away... (Info (at)

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