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The Difference That Great Copy Can Make to a Website

By Web Copy Hub, Sep 5 2016 03:18PM

At, we're often asked just how much of an impact our website content can have on an audience. Regardless of the niche and no matter whether the site is intended to make sales, or promote services - the difference that great web copy can make is substantial to say the least.

When people visit a website, it's not uncommon for the visual part of their brain to take over immediately. This analytical side will evaluate the colours, the layout and even the content - before reporting back and coming to a decision about whether, or not the aesthetics are appealing.

People do this naturally, in fact our brains are so good at computing likes and dislikes that we're more than capable of reaching a decision in a matter of seconds.

Now you might be wondering 'what has psychology got to do with writing content'?

Well, the truth is that text can actually play a major role in how far a person will go when viewing a particular site.

If there's too much content, or if it's too blocky, then the viewer may feel overwhelmed and will likely want to shy away, or skim through the page. Now this type of strategy isn't always a bad thing - especially if the website features compelling tag lines just below.

It's these lines that a viewer will look for if there's too much text for them to read, but considering that the average person will simply click their back button to avoid the effort, this strategy isn't always ideal.

After extensive research, studies have discovered that the average person will decide whether they wish to stay on a website, or leave, in less than five seconds. From a website designer's perspective, that's a tiny amount of time try and captivate, compel and lead a viewer to where they need to be - or else face the potential for a bounce.

So, what's the more preferred option? Well, if you haven't heard of the term 'refined copy' before, then we'll introduce you to what it means.

A batch of refined text will typically be between ten and twenty-five words, but there are also cases where less than eight words can be effective. Their purpose is to instantly explain, intrigue and compel a viewer in to action.

Now this is no easy feat, especially in the space of a short sentence - but the truth is that if a website features a persuasive sentence from the offset, a viewer will be several times more likely to stick around to learn more.

This isn't to say that informative content shouldn't be provided; in fact a section of text is considered a necessity when it comes to the layout of a site.

As long as the introductory phrase is compelling enough to captivate attention, whilst being complemented by an attractive colour scheme and layout - there's no limit on how much text can be included below.

By the time that a viewer gets to this informative section, they will already have the data that they're looking for and so it will be a matter of free-will whether they choose to read on, or go straight to your products and services.

In either event - your refined copy will have already done what it was intended to do - and that's to keep your viewer captivated for long enough to get to know what your website has to offer.

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