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Three Effective Ways to Improve Your Trust Flow

By Web Copy Hub, May 29 2017 12:04PM

For those of you not familiar with websites like MajesticSEO, you might be completely unsure of what Trust Flow even means. Like Citation Flow which is a measurement tool that some websites use to calculate how many reliable sources are pointing to a website in the form of links, Trust Flow works by evaluating not just the number of links to a particular website; but the quality of those backlinks.

At Web Copy Hub, we cater to a lot of clients that require SEO content, especially the type that can A) help them to rank well within search engines such as Google and B) ensure that their copy is as relevant as possible. But there's one thing that plenty of website owners find themselves coming up against and that's a low quality Trust Flow.

What Affects Your Trust Flow

One of the first things that can affect your Trust Flow are poor quality backlinks. This can happen for any number of reasons. One of the most common is that your site has become a focal point for spammy links. The worse these links are, the lower your Trust Flow can be. So how can you remove them without affecting your website's positive online presence?

Lose the Links!

This might be easier said than done, especially if you've had a product affiliated for. There can be a few ways to treat this event however and the first is by requesting that the links are removed by those that have affiliated for your particular product or service.

Modify Your URL

The above option can be incredibly time consuming, especially if you are being affiliated for by thousands of people. Even a few hundred can be a nuisance. But this is where modifying your URL can come in handy. By doing so, you'll be able to almost instantly remove most links in favour of having them redirect to a 401 error page instead, but this can pose its own problems from an SEO perspective.

Remove the Target Page

If most of your backlinks are pointing to one particular page, solving the problem can be as 'simple' as removing the target page itself. Although the links will still be active, especially if they are pointing to your root domain, it shouldn't take too long for your linkers to remove their dead links that could actually be damaging their own websites.

These methods might not be fast enough for your liking however and so we thought that we'd throw in an extra solution to help you to get on top of the causes of your poor online visibility. This method requires a Google Webmaster Tools account and a connected domain name. Once connected, you'll be able to modify the websites that Google actively reads metrics from.

You can do this by creating a .txt file and adding the URLs of every site that's linking to your own one that you no longer want search engines to index. You can then submit that file to Google Webmaster Tools and within a few days, they should have placed a 'no follow' attribute to each site that you listed. The catch is that this won't directly affect your Trust Flow, but it can certainly help with search engine optimisation.

As Google won't count the poor quality links, you might even find that your better links will carry you further than before, without being dragged down by the unwanted ones.

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