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What Are the Differences Between Web Copy and Content Writing?

By Web Copy Hub, Jun 17 2017 07:47AM

Over the course of the past 13+ years, our team at Web Copy Hub have been presented with some of the strangest questions imaginable. For example, last year we were asked by a client if we could copy and duplicate website content for him (nope!) The year before that, we were asked by a seemingly pleasant client if we'd work for free under the promise of a high-five in the future (when we only accept high-tens).

But recently, one of our clients asked us if there were any differences between our affordable web copy services and our content writing features.

This type of question is something that we've heard before but we always put it down to copywriting being a fairly new term when compared to content creation in general. So, are there any real differences exactly and if so, what are they? Well believe it or not there are actually quite a few factors that make these services different from one another and here's a closer look at them.

The Intention of the Content

If you own a website, a blog, a forum or any online platform where people can read text and interact with your services, then the chances are that regular content writing might not be your cup of tea. Instead, web copy might be more preferred because this type of content can be modified to suit its specific intention.

For example, website copy can offer a great variety of voices or written-tones that typical content can't - and it's these voices that can help with sales, persuasion and even offer psychological techniques.

The Audience

For those of you that find yourselves in need of newsletters, generic articles or informative documents; establising a voice might not be quite as much of a priority. Content writing can be ideal for a range of requirements; especially those that are intended to speak to a particular audience, without developing a tone of voice, or when the content simply needs to be on-topic and relevant.

Imagine that you needed a book written, a dissertation completed, or a medical document taken care of. Content writing can cater to these types of broad materials, whereas copy is for the reader.

The Price

Another major difference between the two styles of writing is the fact that web copywriting will usually be a little more expensive. Why is that you ask? Well it's because of the intended purpose. Website copy will usually feature its own voice which can be used to appeal to an audience, engage their interest, or compel them to make a purchase. Just take a look at our Request a Sample page for an idea.

Traditional content on the other hand will typically be used to provide information, share data, or cover any number of topics with the intention being to offer something of value.

So in summary, what exactly are the differences? Well where web copy is ideal for any online platform such as a website, a blog or a page that might need to have its own voice developed with an intention in mind; content writing is better suited to most other needs. From writing books to social media posting; content covers a broad range of spectrums, whereas web copywriting is best suited to websites and online means.

If you'd like to learn more, if you are looking for a quote or if you simply want to talk with one of our native English speaking writers, then why not get in touch? You can do so via email, Skype, or by filling in our online forms. We also accept carrier pigeons - as long as they are carrying a letter and not bird flu.

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