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What is it That Compels an Audience in to Action?

By Web Copy Hub, Aug 26 2016 05:00PM

If there's one thing that an effective set of web copy should be able to do, it's to identify with an audience.

It's easy to think that coherent, informative text should be all about the company and its products, but what an audience really wants is to feel as comfortable browsing a website as they would be painting their own living room. Of course, the design and aesthetics are incredibly important factors - after all, a poor layout can be the first thing to turn a potential customer away, but what should really be a priority is creating content that actually appeals to the reader.

Think of it like this - when you have a conversation with a friend, or a family member - you'll undoubtedly talk in a way that suits your verbal preferences. You'll be a lot more likely to say we're as opposed to we are, just as much as you'll use abbreviations when going into detail about things that come up in the conversation.

Although reading is a different kettle of fish, the truth is that our brains process all forms of correspondence in the exact same way. This means that rather than opting for robotic, monotonous text like:

'we are proud to offer some of the finest services that you can expect to find in the UK'

this can be made more compelling by modifying it to say:

'we're proud to offer some of the finest services that you'll find in the UK'

When a person reads this latter phrase, they'll automatically process the words as if they're being said by an actual person, regardless of whether it says we, or I. And this is what makes this type of text compelling - the natural way in which it's read. As far as conversions are concerned, it makes much more sense to speak to a target audience as if you're having an actual conversation with them, as opposed to simply informing them about what your services are, what you do and why they should choose you.

This is what can compel an audience into action - an authentic, personalised approach to content that treats the visitor like they're actually involved in the conversation, rather than just a distant observer.

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