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Writing with a Purpose in Mind

By Web Copy Hub, Jun 21 2017 12:52PM

One of our most popular services is what we'd call 'Sales Copywriting' and although it might seem pretty self-explanatory, the reality is that it's actually one of the most advanced features that we specialise in. Unlike other types of content, when writing with a purpose in mind (especially one that relates to sales), the overall 'feel' of the text should emanate a few key elements.

What Are These Elements?

If you consider sales for a moment, the key elements will often play a major role in how the reader receives the information that is being presented to them. Providing plenty of informative content pertaining to a particular product or a service can help to plump a webpage out, but will it really appeal to your potential customer?

When it comes to sales, there are two main things that should be prioritised above all else and at Web Copy Hub, where affordable web copy is our top priority - we call them compulsion and persuasion.

What is Compulsion?

When it comes to content writing, compulsion refers to the ability for a block of text, or even a couple of sentences to compel a reader in to action. Some people refer to this technique as a 'call to action', while others deem it a form of psychology. In any event and when writing sales copy, the more prominent and effective the compulsion - the more likely you will be to receive a conversion.

And What is Persuasion?

There can be such a thing as over-selling a particular product or service and in these cases even the most effective compulsion techniques can fall short of the mark. And that's why it's so important to introduce persuasion to the mix. Where compulsion can be used to trigger a reader's intrigue and encourage them to take action - persuasion works by helping a person to understand why they may want to act.

For example, if you read a piece of sales content that said 'Buy your own book now!' the chances are that you'd want to know more about what you were getting before taking the next step. Websites that feature 'call to actions' at the top of their web pages therefore need to have a good reason for doing so - and unless it's immediately clear what they have to offer, then there really isn't a good reason at all.

This is why we encourage our clients to consider introducing persuasive techniques first and foremost, before implementing compulsion techniques. Persuasion can be used to tell a reader what they have to gain by buying a product, investing in a service or making an enquiry, while compulsion can help to ensure that they follow through on their interest.

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