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By Web Copy Hub, Sep 24 2017 09:36AM

Have you ever found yourself visiting a website and wishing that they had a bit more information about a particular product or service?

Or what about those of you that might be on the other side of the coin and have visited a site that is overloaded with info - making your visit as boring as it was un-eventful?

How much web copy is too much?

In every day life, people have their own tastes and preferences.

We can choose how much of a particular product we buy, how long we spend shopping and even the duration of our sleeping patterns - but when it comes to the world wide web, more and more website owners are beginning to realise that uniformity is key.

And what does this mean, exactly? Well, consider your website for a moment.

In this day and age, the average visitor will develop an opinion of a site within just 5 seconds. If you don't give them a reason to stay, your bounce rate will go up and you could be left with pretty bad conversion rates.

It's not just people's impatience to contend with either; there's also the factor of aesthetics to think about, too.

If your website has too much information, your visitor might find themselves overwhelmed. If it lacks data, then your visitors might choose to check your competitors' websites out instead.

So, is there a solution?

We wouldn't mention the topic if we couldn't help you to fix it - and fortunately for you, there is such a thing as the 'web copy paradox'. We literally just coined that phrase, so you won't find much about it online; but it's actually something that needs to be understood if you want to maximise the impact of your website.

There's a careful formula that we rely on ourselves and it goes like this:

Niche > Page > Relevance

And what does this mean? Well, in the simplest terms, the niche refers to the topic of the website - and it's worth noting that some subjects might require more information than others. In these cases, the types of visitors that these sites will receive might actually appreciate a bombardment of info and data.

On the other hand, if you have a graphic design website, shouldn't your visuals do the talking?

Then there's the page to consider. Home pages will need a certain amount of content; such as an intriguing catch-line to bypass the 5 second rule, an introductory section and a call to action or two, but can the same be said for service and contact pages?

Finally, the relevance of the content needs to play a part in how much copy a particular page features. If you have a product page, surely you'll want to provide an intriguing intro to the item, a breakdown of its features in bullet-point format and other content-rich info, as opposed to masses and masses of paragrpahs.

And on the other hand, if someone cares enough to visit your about us page, then the chances are that they are keen to learn as much about you as possible, so the relevance of mass content might be more prominent here.

So, there you have it. Although there isn't a guideline to adhere to when adding web copy to your site, you should now have a better idea based on our Niche > Page > Relevance formula.

To learn more, or to see how our formula could help to maximise the impact of your website on your visitors, get in touch with us today by emailing [email protected]!

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