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As we grow up, we consistently see words everywhere and over time, we subconsciously develop receptors that can help us to understand exactly what something is about as quickly as possible..


Now we're sure that you didn't come here for a lesson in literature, but have you ever considered just how compelling your product copywriting could be when it's used in the right way? Content can genuinely hold such a sway over people that when it comes to your products, a good selection of product descriptions could help you to enjoy more conversions than you ever thought possible.


And that's exactly what our team here at Web Copy Hub bring to the table - product copy that sells at an affordable price and without boring your audience to death in the process!

All of our product copy is backed up by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

With this you can expect to receive:


• Tailored product descriptions, specifications, or reviews

• A quoted price that won't change upon completion

• 48 hour turnaround time (subject to word count)

• Quality Guaranteed

• A full proofread

• No hidden fees

• 1 free revision

How Much Do Our Product Copy Services Cost?

How do you think the iPhone and GoPro became as big as they are today? Because of ridiculously intelligent marketing of course! There used to be a day when even these huge brands were all but unheard of, believe it or not.


Some products can benefit from videos and other forms of media, but there's one resource that we are all so used to that it can actually be far more effective; even if it is sometimes overlooked. And what is this resource exactly? The written language of course!

Are You Making the Most Out of Your Product Copy?

Product Copywriting that Really Sells

Here are a few facts for you. In the second quarter of 2017, we helped 24 websites by re-writing their product descriptions. Of those 24 websites, 21 experienced a 25% increase to their conversion rates, with the other 3 enjoying between 15-20% instead. And what can be learnt from this?


We can create copy that doesn't just inform; it actually promotes conversions, sales and engagements! We're currently juggling a lot of product copywriting projects, but we're always happy to make space for new clients, so why not get in touch today and introduce us to your exciting products?

We Don't Do False Promises

We also understand just how important it is for you to reach the right audience in the most effective ways, and will treat all of your projects as individually as we treat you. We work to tailor our prices to meet your specific content needs, so what do you have to lose by simply making an enquiry? Just use the form below to get in touch.

We pride ourselves on not only offering quality content, fast -  we also charge affordable rates, too! Just because quality product copy will sell your product, doesn't mean that you have to pay extortionate amounts to get results!

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Product Copywriting

Product Copywriting

Even the most amazing products won't be able to sell themselves.

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