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Not really. In fact we're pretty sure that you might actually be considering feeding your Gremlin after midnight right about now. But why? You know what will happen, in fact it's fairly safe to say that if you dare give them just a crumb of food when that clock strikes twelve, they'll cause a riot in your home. But you still fancy trying it, don't you?

Well, did you enjoy us telling you what to do?

It's Feeding Time

$1,000,000 per page. Ha-ha, could you even imagine? Don't get us wrong here... we have actually seen some sales copywriting agencies try to charge ludicrous prices just because they think they can. There's an irritating stigma with offering a writing service and one that actually annoys us to the core.


What is it you ask? Well, it's this God-complex that so many writing companies seem to possess after taking a few online content courses. Sure, you can be a fantastic writer, but do you really have to charge your clients through the roof? We don't feel that way.


Although we can't put our prices here because there are spies in France, Germany and even underneath your home - what we can say is that we understand that you will already have a budget in mind. And we'll try our best to meet that budget.


We're affordable, but we won't sacrifice our quality to keep things that way. Check out the form below to order your very own Gremlin. Once you receive your Gremlin, we don't offer refunds.

How Much Do Our Promotional Copywriting Services Cost?

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Marketing and Sales Copywriting

Marketing and Sales Copywriting

Web Copy at its Finest


We'd hate to blow our own horn, but only because it could deafen you. We're really considerate like that and that's why so many of our clients come to us when they need tailored, compelling web copy that genuinely appeals to their audience. We don't recycle content, just plastic bottles and the occasional naughty Gremlin.

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High Converting Copy


How good does your website look? If we had to venture a guess, we'd say that it looks marvelously fantastic. So that's the design and aesthetics taken care of, but what about your copy? Even the most stunning website will suffer if it isn't complemented by effective, compelling sales copywriting to urge your viewers to convert.

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Promotional Emails


When a member of your audience chooses to 'opt-in' to your subscription list, it's because they are interested in what you have to offer. How many businesses lose out because they simply don't know how to maximise their chances of appealing to an audience that already give a damn? Let's put an end to that.

Marketing Letters


If you want to speak to your audience, then why not do it right? A great marketing letter isn't just compellingly personal - it should offer conversation, intrigue and persuasion. We take care of the technicalities, so you can sit back as your readers leap into action and click-through to whatever you happen to be promoting!

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Social Media Posts


Who said that social media is evil? It wasn't us, in fact we actually consider platforms like Facebook and Twitter to be quite generous! With the potential to reach tens of thousands of people with just one post, why not make your ones count? Or at least let us take care of the sales potential for you.

Taglines and Lead Magnets


For catchy, one-of-a-kind taglines - we can create world-class lead magnets to captivate your audience! Whether you're in need of a uniquely compelling heading, or persuasive web content - we can help you to maximise your lead to conversion rate. And we do all of this fueled with just a cup of coffee (or a Margarita on weekends).

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What's the one rule of sales copy that you're probably forgetting?

You should never feed a Gremlin after midnight.

Wait, what?

You heard that right. Don't even think about feeding your gremlin in the early hours of the morning. Your house will be wrecked, your car will be scratched; heck, even your kids might wake up with one less eyebrow than they went to bed with. But what do Gremlins have to do with our ridiculously effective sales copywriting services exactly?

That's what effective sales copy is. It's a range of techniques that can be put to use to compel an audience into action. When done properly, it can offer a powerhouse of conversion potential. We won't bore you on the subject; that would defeat the purpose of sales content writing altogether, so why not read below to see how we could help your website, products and services to convert - and then get in touch to buy your own Gremlin.

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