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You can email directly at Info (at), or you can complete the form provided on our Contact Us page.


2. Undergo a Personal Consultation

During our correspondence, you will have the chance to explain the type of content that you are looking for, what kind of business you run and any keywords that you wish to implement. This consultation can be as straightforward or in-depth as you like!


3. Quote

Once the project is ready to get underway, we'll give you a no-obligation, fixed-price quote for your current project.


4. The Copy Writing Process

We'll research your business, audience and/or products in order to fully understand your content needs outside of the consultation. From here, we'll begin writing your world-class, relevant, error-free content that emanates your online voice!


5. Proofreading and Editing 

All of our written web copy is subjected to an extensive proofread.


6. First Draft

The first draft will be presented to you within 48 hours (subject to word count).


7. Final Draft

Once you are entirely satisfied, your content will be all yours!

How do you think your website would feel if it knew it was being mocked? Just imagine that for a minute - your website is an actual person and a completely innocent one at that.


They wake up one morning and find that everyone else is taller, better looking and more confident. Then they look at themselves and wish that they could say the same. That's pretty sad, right - an insecure website?


But then again, you could dress your website up in the most beautiful imagery that would make anyone look twice, but if there's nothing underneath the aesthetics, how long will it take for people to start laughing all over again? So what's the moral of this story? People. Like. Depth.

Or you could give them a reason to quake in their boots instead

So, what is depth exactly?

Think of it like this. Every single time that a person visits your website, they will subconsciously develop an opinion within the space of 5 seconds. If people aren't satisfied then you know what they'll do? They'll bounce - and we genuinely don't mean that in the urban-slang way. We mean that they'll take one look at your website and if it isn't obvious what you do, or if you don't give them a reason to stay - they won't.

Well you've read this far haven't you? We haven't held a gun to your head and there's no trickery involved - we've just done what we do best and that's to engage you as a reader. That's what your website longs for - to be given the chance to show your visitors just how important it is.


And how can you achieve this? With reliable web copy of course. Our English copy writers are passionate about the art of the written word and when hiring our affordable web copywriting services, you'll soon see this for yourself. Why not learn a little more about what we do below?

And how can we help?

Our Website Copywriting Process

Fancy a free sample?

Above all, we understand that every project is individual and we'll tailor our prices to meet your specific needs. Simply send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote, or you can visit our Quick Quote page instead! Once we have discussed your project in full, you'll receive a no-obligation quote, with no hidden fees. You'll also be able to reach your writer as little or often as you need to keep track of your project!

How Much Do Our Copywriting Services Cost?

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Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting

Each of our web copywriting services feature:


• A personal consultation

• A quote and price that won't change

• 100% satisfaction guarantee

• 48 hour turnaround time (subject to word count)

• A full proofread

• 1 free revision

• No hidden fees

We provide:


• Web page copy (Home, About, Services, Contact and so on)

• Uniquely written terms and conditions

• Tailored disclaimers

• Specialised FAQ's

• Full website content writing

• Sales/ marketing funnels

• Psychologically-tested copy that promotes conversion rates

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