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Why are you paying so much to have your generic web PBN copy taken care of? Or maybe you fall into the other category of abused-clients, where you might be saving yourself cash, but you're also having to deal with low-quality, foreign language writers? Here at Web Copy Hub, we offer affordable SEO copywriting services for website owners AND optimisation experts - all from just $2 per 100 words!

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the act of helping a website to enjoy as high a visibility as possible within search results. Copy writing is a service offered by experienced writers whereby content can be created to fulfil a particular purpose.


And what do you get when you combine the two? A powerhouse of ranking potential to help even the newest website to skyrocket through the search results! You might not know this, but our very first client was an SEO-guru just like yourself. They were in need of a reliable writer to help with their PBN set ups and 10 years later, we now offer these article writing services to dozens of specialists around the world.

What is SEO Copy Writing?

Content is King

Over the course of our SEO-article projects, we've written for such a ridiculous amount of niches and topics that you wouldn't believe us if we listed them all here. What we can say is that if you need a reliable article writer for your PBNs and client websites, our prices start at just $2 per 100 words.

This is possibly the truest statement that you will hear in the SEO copy writing industry. At Web Copy Hub, we like to consider content and articles the prerequisite for your optimisation efforts. Without relevant articles, the links that you place might not be anywhere near as effective as they could be. With them however, you could build out your private blog networks and help your clients to rank highly within Google - which means great rewards!

What Web Copy Hub Offers You in Terms of SEO

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Well that depends on what you consider expensive really! We've seen some websites offer web PBN copy for about $80-$90 per 500 word article. We've seen others provide terrible quality articles for about $2.50 instead.


We can offer SEO and PBN articles at just $10 per 500 word piece. And we can also create them in about 30 minutes or less (depending on the topic). A whopping 35% of our clients rely on our SEO articles to help their businesses to function, so why not give us a shot?

Is this Service Expensive?

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Web PBN Copywriting

Web PBN Copywriting

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All of our SEO copy writing services are backed up by:


• A highly skilled SEO copy specialist

• Tailored SEO content packages

• A quoted price that won't change upon completion

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

• Rapid turnaround (sometimes well within 30 minutes!)

• A full proofread

• No hidden fees

• 1 free revision

• 12 years of SEO experience

• Proven results

We provide the following SEO content services:


• Articles

• Blogs

• Generic Content


We also specialise in:


• Content Rewriting

• Meta Tags/Descriptions

• Keyword Implementation

Articles for PBN purposes are just one of our specialities. Over the years we've learnt how to churn these articles out at an incredible speed - in fact we can handle between 12-20 articles per client, per day in most cases. Just imagine how much juice that could mean for your backlinks. We never duplicate articles; we simple type at between 61 and 73 words per minute and have an incredible amount of experience within hundreds of niches.

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What do you need to get your clients' sites ranking on Google?

Hard work, technical prowess and relevant PBN articles of course!

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